Project B.E.A.T.’s assignment is to help woman and girls understand and connect with their inner beauty and be fearless to the standards that have been set by society. We will motivate, uplift, and contribute resources to women and girls nationally by providing mentorships, beauty and fashion expertise, and so much more.


Project B.E.A.T., Incorporated was founded in September of 2016 by April Parker. It was birthed on the campus of Wiley College where she saw the need to help college women prepare for different occasions and events by styling, helping with hair and makeup, and also motivating them to remember their value. After her service as the Executive Secretary for the Student Government Association, she decided to broaden her platform by running for the 2016-2017 Miss Senior. For her it wasn’t about the crown, it was simply about making an impact and transforming lives.

April graduated in May 2017 and was able to do small events and small group sessions before transitioning into her field. Project B.E.A.T. has been able to reach many women throughout Texas and because of the growth, Project B.E.A.T. took the rest of 2018 to rebrand. Making this decision helped Project B.E.A.T. reach many more women throughout the nation, by collabing for makeovers and doing makeup giveaways.

Project B.E.A.T. has been working tirelessly with the team to create an experience fit for all B.E.A.T. followers. We hope that you enjoy your experience!