April Parker

A married couple got up in front of the church today and spoke about infidelity. That is a tough subject that no one ever wants to talk about, especially in front of the church. The Mrs. said something that I could relate to. She spoke about isolating herself because she felt that no one would understand her pain. But she stopped and said, "Thats what the devil wanted me to believe..."

Isolation has always been the easiest thing for me to do when I go through a storm. Being alone helps me process my thoughts and make sure I'm making the right decisions, but it also takes me away from my support system, the people that will build me back up. Isolation has caused me to play the victim and feel like I'm being judged because of the way I handle situations. This leads to me pushing people away and not talking or listening to other opinions. I've second guessed relationships and church ministries all because I wasn't able to be honest with myself and accept the part that I played. It wasn't until I heard the Mrs. talk that I realized I was the problem.

 When you go through storms, this is your opportunity to fall in the arms of God (of course)... but also your support system. You can't let embarrassment lead you into thinking people are against you and judging you or they don't want to help. Be free in your storm and know that this is a growth moment. Lean on your life groups, group chats, or family to help you out and lead you to the light. There is purpose in pain. So go through your storm knowing that you're going to come out stronger than when you went in.

 This moment of realization has helped me to save a friendship and take ownership of the parts that I play in my storm. I no longer want to isolate myself, but i will be mindful of how I share my storm. I appreciate the Mr. & Mrs. For their transparency and vulnerability. No matter what type of storm, find your sunlight in those that love you back.

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